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Company AUTOTESTAS was established in 1995 in the Kaunas’ suburb Ramuciai. From the very beginning company’s main activity was repair of vehicles, which stimulated interest in the modern methods of automobiles’ diagnostics. The search of advanced methods in vehicles’ diagnostics led to cooperation with German company Autotestgerate Leitenberger GmbH. In 1996 we became an official distributor of this company in Lithuania, which has an experience of more than 40 years in manufacturing automotive equipment.

While representing this company, we were able to fulfil our experience, which was gained during 25 years working period in Kaunas Research Institute of Radio Measurement Technology Science.

Particular working experience in automotive field allows us to provide necessary consultations and recommendations to customers, which chooses equipment of companies, that we represent in Lithuania.

Rapid computerisation of vehicles determined that we became representatives of these companies: Ferret Instruments (USA), Motometer (Germany), Power Probe (USA), Ross-Tech (USA), Carsoft (Belgium), DEC Automotive (Argentina), OpelScanner (Russia).

Cooperation with these companies assures the supply of necessary diagnostic equipment, which allows our customers to solve automotive problems in up-to-date level.

During the lifetime of the company we achieved our main objective – attracted the circle of steady customers, which use the automotive equipment that we sell. Moreover, major attention was given to the propagation of various automotive diagnostic methods. To obtain this, company cooperates with different magazines („Keturi ratai“, „Autoekspresas“), where our articles usually appears. Furthermore, in our strategy we are trying to integrate training, work, and usage, with the main focus on professional training schools, which prepare qualified specialists. Lectures, professional training teachers’ seminars and trade shows help to create image of the company and assure service of the highest quality.

Additionally, AUTOTESTAS sells pressure and temperature measuring equipment (various pressure gauges, thermometers, etc.). This is not accidentaly, because majority of mechanical devices are based on measuring pressure in one or other automotive system (compression, cooling system pressure, injection system pressure, brakes system pressure, engine lubrication system pressure, etc.).

In order to achieve timely and high level of service, we started cooperation with company‘s Autotestgerate Leitenberger GmbH subsidiary company Druck&Temperatur Leitenberger GmbH. Eventually this grow into separate field, which is called pressure and temperature measuring equipment. Nuova Fima (Italy), Suchy (Germany), SUKU (Germany) and Eurolec (Ireland) are the companies that we represent in Lithuania. Products of these companies are included into Lithuanian measuring equipment registry, which assures metrological proof.

In this case, connection of two market sections allows us to assure versatile customers service and we can offer products, that have the highest technical characteristics. With quality service and reasonable prices, we are hoping to remain attractive for our customers.