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CO2-Leak detector with quick coupling

LT 200.2 (030105)

Accurate and fast diagnosis. Leak detector for cylinder head gasket with 2 test chambers; for Diesel and petrol engines. With quick coupling for the connection with our singular adapters K.. and KS.. as well as universal adaptors UA.., with rubber ball for the quick suction of vapors. A leak at the cylinder head gasket or the cylinder head is indicated by a change in colour of the reaction liquid from blue to yellow (petrol engines), from blue to green (Diesel engines).for Diesel und petrol engineswith quick couplingreaction liquid environment friendly.

  • for Diesel und petrol engines
  • with quick coupling
  • reaction liquid environment friendly   


  • 1 CO2-Leak detector LT 200.2
  • 1 bottle reaction liquid (LT 02)

1 bottle reaction fluid

LT 02 (030107)

1 bottle reaction fluid 250 ml for LT 200.2 or LT 200.2G.