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The new generation of bracketless windscreen wipers made by Bosch, Valeo, SWF etc. andknown under the brandnames 'Aerotwin', 'Flat blade' etc. require new testing and adjustingtools. The wiper blade holders (on the wiper arm) must be presented to the windscreen or rearwindow at a specific angle. Applications: 

  • if the wiper blades rattle/rub/squeal
  • inefficient wiping
  • uneven wiping
  • after the windscreen/rear window has been replaced

It is essential to check the angle after every windscreen/window replacement because there isa high probability that the angle will have changed with the new windscreen/window).

Checking the angle: Remove the wiper blade. Connect the adapter (angle measuring instrument). By using theappropriate adapter, it is possible to achieve a precise connection between the wiper blade holderand the angle measuring instrument. Holders are available for every type of wiper arm(Bosch, Valeo, SWF, etc.).

Angle adjusting tools: The special feature of the new wiper systems is that no force (may be applied through the wiperblade holder (to adjust the angle). Depending on the type of wiper arm, the adjusting toolsinvariably consist of two similar parts (adjusting tool and counter holder). The measurement andadjustment of the angle can take place simultaneously. Adjusting tools are available for all typesof wiper arm.

Pressure applied by the wiper arm: The pressure applied by the wiper arm to the windscreen/window is approx. 10 Newtons,tolerance approx. ± 1 N. If the pressure applied by the spring is less than 10 N, it is impossible, asa matter of logic, to achieve the optimum wiping effect, the spring or complete wiper arm must bereplaced.

Adapter list can be found here.

Accessories and spare parts for AWPE 03/04:

AWPE-WE (180201_1) angle measuring unit to determine the setting angle on the wiper arm
AWPEA-B (180202_1) adapter B, to secure the angle measuring unit to the wiper arm
AWPEA-C (180203_1) adapter C, to secure the angle measuring unit to the wiper arm
AWPEA-D (180204_1) adapter D, to secure the angle measuring unit to the wiper arm

Adjusting tools:
AWPEE-Z4 (180220_1) adjusting tool (1 unit)
AWPEE-GH (180222_1) set of adjusting tools G (M8) and H (M8), Seat Altea
AWPEE-KI (180229_1) set of adjusting tools K (M5) and I (M5), Renault VelSatis
AWPEE-LM (180223_1) set of adjusting tools L (M6) and M (M6), Audi A2
AWPEE-ON12 (180224_1) set of adjusting tools O (M5) and N1 (M5) and N2 (M5), Audi A4
AWPEE-PQ (180225_1) set of adjusting tools P (M8) and Q (M5), Audi A6
AWPEE-RS (180226_1) set of adjusting tools (M6) and S (M6), Audi A8
AWPEE-TU (180221_1) set of adjusting tools T (M6) and U (M6), Porsche Cayenne
AWPEE-VW (180227_1) set of adjusting tools V and W, BMW 5/6/7 series
AWPEE-XY (180228_1) set of adjusting tools X (M8) and Y (M8), MB C-class
AWPE-M5 (180230) lever jig with M5 thread (2 units)
AWPE-M6 (180231) lever jig with M6 thread (2 units)
AWPE-M8 (180232) lever jig with M8 thread (2 units)
AWPE-M-Set (180233) lever jig M5, M6, M8 (6 units)
ET 465 (121494_1) moulded tray for AWPEE-Z4 (5 pair)

Aero wiper testing and adjusting tool, basic equipment


AWPE 03 (180103_1)

Aero wiper testing and adjusting tool; the delivery specification comprises basic equipment, but this can be extended with additional adapters or adjusting tools (see table).
For description, see introductory text.


  • 1 angle measuring unit (AWPE-WE)
  • 1 wiper blade jig (AWPEA-B)
  • 2 adjusting tools (AWPE-Z4)
  • supplied in a solid plastic case

Aero wiper testing and adjusting tool, augmented version


AWPE 04 (180104_1)

Aero wiper testing and adjusting tool.
Augmented version of the AWPE 03.
Specification as above plus an additional wiper blade jig (AWPEA-C) and three pairs of lever jigs with M5, M6 and M8 threads to secure the various wiper blade adapters.


  • 1 angle measuring unit (AWPE-WE)
  • 1 wiper blade jig (AWPEA-B)
  • 1 wiper blade jig (AWPEA-C)
  • 2 adjusting tools (AWPEE-Z4)
  • 2 lever jigs (AWPE-M5)
  • 2 lever jigs (AWPE M6)
  • 2 lever jigs (AWPE-M8)
  • supplied in a solid plastic case