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Leakage test exhaust system


AGD 01 (130605)

Overheating and dirt of a catalytic converter has negative influence on the emission of exhaust gases. The testing of the exhaust gas pressure allows a quick catalyst diagnosis. The connection is at the exhaust gas system between engine and catalyst by means of a thread connector instead of the Lambda probe. The connector can be coupled with the pressure hose.
Gauge with protective rubber cap, DS 63 mm (2 1/2"), range -1...+3 bar, equipped with a red/green marked scale. When the indication remains within the green area, the catalytic converter is in order; however, if the catalyst is defective or propped, the indication is in the red area.


  • 1 compound gauge, 63 mm, -1...+3 bar,
  • 1 pressure hose 3.00 m (10 ft) long,
  • 1 connector M 18x1.5 (ANK 40, male)
  • 1 solid plastic case

Air disturbance simulator


SV 01 (130607_1)

A part of the exhaust gas test - the circuit test - is effected to guarantee that the Lambda probe is working correctly.
By means of the adjustable disturbance air valve SV 01, a precisely measured quantity of disturbance air is introduced to the engine at a defined spot. The disturbance air with the SV 01 can be introduced from 0.0 to 2.3 mm.

Leakage test exhaust system


ADP 01 (130608_1)

The leak test is carried out when the engine is cold. The test device works using workshop compressed air and an integrated pressure regulator. The display is provided by a pressure gauge with a measurement range of 0 to 600 mbar.

A pressure drop is indicative of possible leaks in the SCR system. The leak is localized acoustically by listening for the noise of escaping air , or with the aid of a leak spray.


  • 1 tester DPL 01
  • 1 test and sealing adapter with hand wheel UA 4AG
  • 1 test seal with hand wheel UA 4VK
  • 1 test hose with quick-release coupling
  • supplied in a solid plastic case