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Fuel Injector Cleaning Kit EL 0620

Fuel Injector Cleaning Kit has everything you need to begin direct injector cleaning and decarbonizing. At the core of this kit is Fuel Injection Cleaner Canister which provides you with a heavy duty stainless steel container for years of service.

  • Wide throat for spillproof fluid transfer 
  • 3-1/2" easy to read mechanical pressure guage 
  • Removable hose constructed to handle aggressive cleaners and ethanol fuels without cracking or swelling 
  • Easy to open/close ball valve for immediate system control 
  • Blowout fitting attachment to clean your tool when finished 

In addition to this, Fuel Injector Cleaning Kit includes a spring lock coupling adapter, several quick connect and banjo fittings, as well as a decarbonizing adapter for throttle plate/manifold cleaning. These adapters permit adapting the canister cleaner to many domestic and import vehicles. Clogged fuel injectors cause sluggish performance, poor fuel economy and rough idle. Fuel Injector Cleaning Kit is the right tool to start addressing these vehicles and get 'em back on the road.