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Gas analyser F16

Many new technologies have been incorporated into the design of Ferret Instruments second generation laptop sized gas analyzer.  The GasLink II has been designed to provide years of reliable service while providing Bar-94 accurate gas analysis. 

Equipped with a huge 3.5" by 9" backlit display, the GasLink II is easy to see in all lighting conditions and shop locations.  Three different screen types display "Big Digits" (shown here), composite readings, or estimated Grams Per Mile readings.

The heavy duty pump and filter system puts a dual filter element right at the tailpipe and a second filter element mounted to the top of the analyzer housing.  An aggressive water protection scheme helps prevent water and other contaminants from entering and damaging the gas bench.

The record playback controls allow the GasLink II to manage up to 3 hours of stored data on a typical car.

The GasLink II is powered by simply connection the analyzer to a 12 volt battery.  An optional cigarette lighter adapter or 120VAC transformer provide other power options.