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Gearbox oil tester


GP 01 (110901_1)

Leaks in heat exchangers can cause coolant to mix with gearbox oil, leading the gearbox being damaged, possibly beyond repair. The centrifugal device in the tester provides evidence of coolant in the gearbox oil, down to as little as 0.01%.

  • safe and easy to use
  • free of wear measurements
  • detailed visual display of results


  • 1 plexiglass test cylinder
  • 1 hand centrifuge (for bench mounting)
  • 1 rotor with counterweight
  • disposable pipettes

Gearbox oil tester (operated by column drill)


GP 01_BM (110901_2)

Engine coolant can react with transmission fluids and reduce or eliminate the  lubrication of a transmission system. The transmission system can be damaged (irreparable). By centrifuging of an oil sample the propotion of coolant in the transmission fluid can be determined.

  • CNC machined bracket for holding in drill chuck
  • small sample of (possitive) contaminated transmission fluid required
  • easy and clear to operate
  • no liquid reaction fluids required
  • wear free measurement
  • visually detailed result